I can’t get sex out of my mind

My boyfriend says that I am something between a sex maniac and a pervert. I am not sure that you can ladies pervert, but I do that I like sex. It has become a major part of my life since I become sexually active, and has a big influence on most things like I do. Working at London escorts is great, but I don’t think that many of my colleagues at London escorts are so influenced by sex as I am. When I am not at the escort agency, I love to do anything sexy.

Making money is part of my goal in life, but I also want to be able to enjoy what I make money out of if you know what I mean. Most girls would probably be happy to do some work in a bar or something like that. It is okay, but I would rather do something sexy. When I am not at London escorts I have several sexy little part time jobs. My friends at London escorts do not understand how I can keep up with it all. It may seem weird to them but I find that my different jobs inspire me and give me energy.

A couple of years ago, I met this photographer. He was really heavily into adult modelling, so I started to model for him. Now, when I finish my shift at London escorts, I take an afternoon out once a week to go and model for him. I am one of the most popular girls in the publications that he works for, and I don’t make it a secret that I work for London escorts. It has helped my career at London escorts like https://charlotteaction.org and I have met some really hot fans of mine.

I don’t work all of the time, but I do like to work. If I ever have a weekend off from London escorts, I like to go pole or lap dancing in the West End in London. Some girls only dance in sleazy clubs but I am not into that at all. I like to put some real effort into my dancing but I do expect to be rewarded. That is why I will only dance at the top clubs. I do know girls at London escorts who dance at cheap clubs, but they don’t make as much money as I do. There is something to be said for a touch of class.

My dream would have to be to do a porno. I have built up an excellent portfolio. Not only can I brag and say that I work for London escorts, but I have all of the other stuff that I do as well. Unlike most other London escorts, I am always looking for the next idea or the next gig. Cam girl modelling and live web chat would be something that I would like to have a go at one day. At the moment, there is not enough hours in the day. However, if I could find a good gig, I would cut down my hours at London escorts. Yes, I would still date gents, but I would put my prices up. After all, I have the perfect experience to be an ultra sexy elite escort. My boyfriend thinks that it takes up too much time, but I really would like to live my sexy dream of being the princess of adult entertainment here in London.

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