October 2018

Do some people have a fetish about having sex in exciting places? Recently I met this guy who told me that he had this fetish about having sex in weird places. First of all we met at this sex party that I used to go to after I had finished for the night at London escorts, and one day we bumped into each other when we were both out shopping. We ended up in this wine bar, and just got to know each other a little bit better. I don’t very often tell someone that I work for a London escorts service, but on this occasion, I felt comfortable doing so.

It turned out that this guy had a bucket list of weird places where he wanted to have sex. I had never met a man like him at London escorts, and to be honest, I found his interest in having sex in weird places odd. I have heard a lot of things during my time with London escorts but never anything like this before. This guy even wanted to have sex on the flight deck of the old Concorde which is hangared in Bristol. I am sure that he would get caught, and I had no intention of joining him.

I once met a guy at London escorts who had a thing about having sex in London parks. That to me was not so weird, but this other guy was really doing his research as well. He knew a lot about to different places that he wanted to have sex in, and not only that, he knew all of the times when there were less people around. I was rather impressed but I was not going to join him on top of the Khufu pyramid in Egypt like he suggested. I felt pretty certain that none of the other girls at London escorts would neither.

The other place he wanted to have sex was on top of the Eiffel tower. I was beginning to think that he really had a fetish about extreme heights when he told me about having had sex with a tour guide in a cave. He said it was one of those spur of the moment things and he had loved. It would not do anything for me at all. Sure, it is exciting to try new things, and I know that charlotte London escorts try new things all of the time, but this guy was something else. Although I am still going to sex parties, I have not seen this guy in a long time.

Perhaps he is traveling around the world trying to fulfill the things on his bucket list. He did ask me if I wanted to have some time off from London escorts to go travelling with him. But, I said no. His list of locations did not appeal to me. However, as far as I know no one has been caught for trying to have sex on the old Concorde. I am sure if he would have got that far. I would have heard about it by now. There is no way you would get away with that … but then again. I guess that you never know.…