November 2017

I am not sure what is going on in this relationship, but something seems to be a little bit strange. Even though my boyfriend turns me on like mad, I don’t get wet. Normally when I am with a guy who turns me on, I get absolutely soaking but that does not seem to be happening on this occasion at all. It is like I cannot get this guy inside me. What is going on?

One of the girls at the most fantastic low priced London escorts website says that it might be his smell. Apparently our bodies react to all of these signals that tell us to get turned on or off. Could it be that th scent of this guy is simply not doing it for me? It seems a bit odd and at first I was worried that I was losing my mojo. But when I am at London escorts, my mojo is just fine so I doubt that it has anything to do with that.

It is not one of these topics that come up a lot at London escorts, but when you work for a London escorts service, you do learn a lot about how your body works and I am fascinated by what I am beginning to learn about my body. Apparently a guy can appear really attractive to us, but at the same time, our hormonal brain can be telling us something different. If we are not receiving the right signals, the rest of our system is not going to get turned on.

I had not realised that our bodies were so complicated, but it must be true. We do have this habit of masking our natural smells, and odours with strong scents. The problem with that is that it may not trigger our sexual biology, and when that happens, we simply are not turned on. I have felt it happen a couple of times at London escorts, but I have simply not associated it with smells or scents before.

Now I have become much more aware that when I am dating at London escorts, and I feel that I have learned a lot about how I tick as a person.

Does that make working for London escorts less exciting? No, it does not make it less exciting at all. In fact, you can say that it makes working for London escorts more exciting. When I first meet a gent now, I sort of stand for a minute or two and “draw him in”. I try to figure out if I can find his genuine scent behind the smell of after shave lotion. It is kind of interesting and I think that if more women knew about the “scent of a man” they would be able to figure out what turns them on about that guy in particular. Of course, I am very discreet about it, and would not just stand there to “sniff” a gentleman.

But I do wonder what my secret scent trigger is – it is certainly not heavy after shaves.…