A New Form Of Economy Or Sick Perversion?

As young teens transition into adulthood they are left with tons of decisions to make, pressure on how they will make it in life and what they are going to do to make a living. With men it still seems to be easier to find jobs and make a living then it does for a women, however those parameters are constantly changing. Even as young teens however prostitution seems to be a fact of life.

On the one side what is shown in the media is hideous. What you learn in health class is even worse. A young lady is using her body to get what she wants, typically money or physical items, at times taking pleasure in it as well. The result is that is shown are women that are abused, raped, hurt, treated like trash, uneducated, and living off the streets. But is this the true reality of prostitution these days or is it something a little more glamorous. After all a porn star has sex with lots of different people, gets their name out there in film and is at many times glorified for their actions. And isn’t to be famous one of the biggest passions that young people have.

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For a young girl to choose this path in life it is wrong. Sometimes they are not choosing that path, but choosing to survive. But for those that think that their looks will carry them through life, it will only go so far. True with the internet you can use prostitution as a way to get what you want, at a price. You might not be having sex with someone you like, or you could be having sex so much that it hurts. You can get and spread diseases, many of which are painful and can kill you. Or in the case of ladies, can end up being pregnant and never knowing who the true father is, leaving the child with no lineage to think of. That price can be your life.

Therein lies the risk. On one hand you can make more money that you ever thought of, if you are good enough and have the right clients. Even becoming very high priced and exclusive, will get you what you have always desired. But none of it will lead to love, or true happiness. Instead it will lead to grief, sorrow, greed, and in many cases guilt over what you have done. If you do nothing with that money but flitter it away, you will be back where you started, only older and less desirable. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, just not in the way you wished it.

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