Daily Beast
This Is the Italian Porn Star Warning Kids Off Porn
Daily Beast
In the early 2000s, when Siffredi's Gonzo career was taking off, porn magnate John Stagliano said he had “far more power in this industry than any actress.” Stagliano boasted of his role in making Rocco a star: “Together we evolved toward rougher stuff.
Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi is warning kids to stay away from sex videosMetro

Porn star's petition for sex education in schools could spark government rethinkMirror.co.uk
An Italian Porn Star Is Campaigning For Mandatory Sex Ed In Public SchoolsMic
Daily Pakistan –The Independent
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New York Post
Meet the dermatologist who became a 'pimple porn' star
New York Post
Dermatologist Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is squeezing her way into the limelight by popping blackheads and cysts on camera for the world to see. “I think that people have a strong reaction to pimple popping — whether they are
Dermatologist Sandra Lee is 'pimple porn' star after bursting spots on cameraMetro

Watch 'pimple porn' star Dr Sandra Lee in action as the skin specialist pops Scottish Daily Record

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New York Daily News
Porn star James Deen breaks his silence about sex assault accusations in new
New York Daily News
He was just doing his job. Embattled porn star James Deen broke his silence in a new interview, refuting sexual assault and brutal sex act allegations against him that have been mounting since ex-girlfriend Stoya accused him of rape in tweets posted
Porn star James Deen 'baffled' by sexual assault allegationsMSNBC

Porn star James Deen accused of serial rapeLifesite
Porn star Nicki Blue accuses Princess Donna of helping James Deen to sexually Daily Mail
Washington Post –Breitbart News
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Law Street Media (blog)
Women accused porn star James Deen of rape, assault
WJXT Jacksonville
With his average build, impish smile and mop of brown hair, adult film star James Deen is known for having carved out a niche in the industry as the guy who doesn't look like he belongs there. "I'm like a guy a chick might actually meet in a bar," he
4 Women Accuse "Feminist" Porn Star James Deen of Sexual AssaultLaw Street Media (blog)

James Deen, the Bill Cosby of Porn? A Third Accuser Comes ForwardDaily Beast

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Sun Sentinel
Former porn star loses appeal in Palm Beach County school lawsuit
Sun Sentinel
Boca Raton resident David Mech had paid $1,750 to advertise his "Happy/Fun Math Tutor" business at three Boca Raton area schools, but the signs were removed when Palm Beach County School District officials learned Mech was a former porn star who …
​Court: Ex-porn star can't hang signs in schoolsCBS News

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Daily Mail
Charlie Sheen paid porn actress $10m in hush money over HIV secret
Daily Mail
Charlie Sheen paid a porn star $10million in hush money after she discovered his shocking HIV secret, it has been claimed.by a close friend of the porn actress. In his Today Show interview today revealing his HIV status, Sheen admitted that he paid
Charlie Sheen's porn star ex is furious after HIV reveal: 'He never said Washington Post

Charlie Sheen To Porn Star After Unprotected Threesome: "Get Me My AIDS Medicine!"The National Enquirer
Breitbart News –BuzzFeed News
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New York Daily News
Veteran turned gay porn star files defamation suit against Conde Nast honcho
New York Daily News
The source of a story in a popular media blog that allegedly outed Conde Nast honcho David Geithner filed a defamation suit Tuesday against the publishing executive and his company. L. Derek Truitt, a gay porn star escort and combat veteran, says …
Escort Claims Conde Nast CEO Defamed HimCourthouse News Service

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